Visit Osa Peninsula and North Pacific Drift in Costa Rica

Over the years, Costa Rica has become a popular fishing destination and why not, because it provides some great fishing opportunities both in the ocean and fresh waters. There are several places in the Costa Rica which are quite popular for the fad fishing. For the people who don’t know much about the fad fishing, it is a different type of fishing done with the help of a FAD which is known as Fish Aggregating Device. Fad fishing in Costa Rica could be done in various locations, but perhaps two of the best places for fad fishing are the Osa Peninsula and North Pacific Drift.

It is one of the most popular premium places in Costa Rica for fad fishing. There are several private fishing charters here in which you could enjoy the true joy of fad fishing without much trouble. The ocean currents in osa peninsula are normal and ideal for perfect fad fishing. Although, despite of the normal ocean current so you must take care of your safety and do all necessary safety measures while doing fad fishing.

North Pacific Drift: It is the northern part of the country and it is always great fun to visit this area especially when you come here for fishing. Here at North drift the best fishes to catch are the marlin, big fish, sail fish and tuna. Apart from that you may also get lot of rooster fish which are found here in plenty. The ocean currents in this area usually remain calm all-round the year, bur the best time for fad fishing in this area is from November to April.


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